Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Good Night Sleep?NOT ANYMORE

Well I clearly remember those early year of our son's life when both me and husband tried everything just to ensure that he gets his good sleeping pattern,especially during midnites. With those continually every one hour like-screaming-crying sound, for us to put him back to his sweet dream was like almost impossible, unless after nearly 40 minutes of trial. Looking back, it seemed like it's hard to know whether any of the trials we did (IT WAS NORMALY HIS DAD'S) was actually worked on him, or it mite be just one of his random nights that coincides his needs..But there s one thing for sure, none of those trials worked long term. But still, we went lots of hard trials.
And he s now reached 2 years old and a week, and compared to those old 'tense' nites, he sleeps better, well I guess with a better health condition, and with his regular and expected nite feeding habit, at least his mummy and daddy could excuse his little ngek ngeking asking for his formula/water bottle//nappy change/due to the weather..
But now it s mummy's turn having those troubling nites, especially on weekdays..With growing tummy reaching 7 and half months of pregnancy, achings here and there, cramping legs once the clock hit past 3, I think it s a payback time....from Him actually. I always believe that of every our wrongdoings, there ll be time when we have to bear for the punishment, SUBHANALLAH, well, this is one of it..
Just hoping for a smooth delivery process when the time comes, I had baaaaaad labour hours before, and don t know what may come for me this time..Just please pray and do'a for me ya..


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