Monday, November 24, 2008


Left: 2 months old Nabil..

Middle: 4 bulan lebih nak masuk 5 bulan

Right: 8 bulan..

Baby Mummy dah 8 months and 4 weeks old!

Left: Senyum simpul je dia...yela dah dapat new sweet cherry high chair,,,,

Right: Ni time tengah moody....ish, anak mummy ni....kalau dah meragam, kalah kita

Vroom!Vroom!Thanks Abah...

Sukanya dia dapat truck tu.....Tapi Nabil belum boleh main sendiri....

Baby's Day Out

Last week pegi ronda Low Yatt & Sg Wang PLAZA...teman abah cari 3G router untuk broadband...Nabil pun dapat new truck juga...we had a fabulous lunch kat Mr Tepanyaki....

Left: mummy makan beef black pepper dengan fried rice...OISHI...OISHI...

Right: abah makan tempura o-bento

Left: sup pembuka selera...slurrrppp...

Right: Ni Nabil's moi...bawa bekal je...hmmm...

Mummy...Nabil makan bubor je ke...????!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Petite Star...Zapp...Titanium Breeze...Sweet Cherry

I ve just spotted petite star zia n titanium breeze (as suggested by mum yaz) on the internet AND PLANNING TO HAVE ONE after hubby daddy dapat combi nanti. i first looked at the quinny zapp but the idea that it doesn't lie flat made hubby daddy outlisted the buggy from our list...
As he prefers the sooo Japanese COMBI...we r now looking for one...(payah sebab most Combi fits only small framed child kan...while mine who is only 8 months plus but quite tall really, i guess a europian sized stroller fits him well) almost new maclaren quest letgo already since its only forward facing..n can't full recline. Bout getting another buggy, huh, havent told hubby yet..worse than tht though, sure will get a grilling from him hehe (LOVE U HUBBY..)

Tengok these mummies...sama tak???


Nabil's 2 teeth.....

Anak mummy yang manja ni dah ada 2 gigi la...nenek, atuk....tengokla gigi nabil nih....hehe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

PISA vs FS pumping result

Testing dah pump guna both PISA n FS on the same day...Nape I pump guna PISA mesti lagi extra dari FS...huhu....kalau PISA dapat 4 oz, FS dapat 3 je..kalau PISA dapat 2.5 oz, FS lagi ciput, tak sampai 2 oz pun...nape ek???



Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby time Confinement...dan sekarang

Nabil baru 8 bulan 3 minggu....lasak dah bukan main lagi...Kalau kena tegur, naik suara sikit, mulala nangis...manja betul...Masa confinement, Nabil susah nak lena, mesti berpangku baru tidur, memang dia dera betul mummy time confinement. Siang malam takleh lena,huhu...

Now, Nabil dah banyak berubah...dah matured sikitla, could be nearly one hour spending his time leisure main sendiri, tapi kena nampak la kelibat mummy depan mata while mummy buat housechores...tak nampak mummy je mau meratap hiba sesungguhnya...hehe...tapi satu je tak ubah, tahan mata nak main...sampai merah2 kening tu....pastu siapla malam nangisla time ngigau tu, Abah dia jela yang pandai pujuk, tupun selepas nenen mummy tak menjadi...hehe


ngantukla mummy....

Pneumococcal Vaccine...

Last week Nabil kena jab pneumococcal...kat Az Zahrah je, dekat. Ramainyela orang malam tu, huh, almost 3 jam kat situ, tapi demi Nabil sayang, tunggula juga mata dah merah menyala ngantok....Sian Nabil, jarum kenit tu pun mampu buat Nabil meraung..huhu


Happy je anak mummy nih pas jab pun.....ermm..

Toys and Baby's Development...

I'm wondering...are these really assisting baby's development????? Or are they merely TOYS FOR FUN???dsc00850


Buying for children can be a whole lot easier than buying for adults, and even more-so adults that you don't really know much about, such as long distance relatives. Toys are the answer to any child that is in the right age bracket because you know that they will appreciate and put good use to a toy.

Educational toys are the latest to hit the markets and make a big impact, as these kind of toys help your children develop their learning skills and essential life skills such as creativity, confidence and independence just to name but a few. Not only can they be educational but they also serve there right as a toy because they can be enjoyed and promote developmental skills in your children at the same time.

For example a modeling clay set can really bring out your child's imaginative and creative side which can slowly be developed throughout their early life, aswell as managing to use the clay on their own which makes them independent, allowing them to build up skills and tackle things head on without help.

A karaoke machine may annoy a lot of people but this is a great gift for a child if you want to help build up self-confidence. Singing, dancing and general performing can really give a helping hand and allow them to assert themselves.

So , think about educational toys to give your children as these can go a long way for their future development. Starting early can really help.

Tapi mummy memang suka beli toys untuk Nabil..He really adores those Lamaze soft books. I think he got that keen into books from me...bukan sebab mummy suka bace sangat tapi have to baca sebab tengah study time pregnant Nabil...kehulu hilir library mummy usung Nabil dalam perut time tu...hehehe

Review on Swing, PISA and FreeStyle (FS)


- Of course FS menang in terms of mobility....sumbat aje masuk hobo or tote, memang fit. Swing pun ok, cute and ringan...Anyway, Swing ku dah kujual pada Qay.....thanks Qay!!


- I love PISA ....I vote for PISA in terms of suction...power sangat... rasa cam puas and kosong betul b***** lepas pump....takdela nak kena top up guna harmony lagi. FS and Swing suction memang comparable, except that Swing is a single pump while FS provides enability of double pumping and jimatkan masa....both Swing and FS have reallt soft suction, while PISA...macam motor dia juga la, POWER!!

Pumping result....

- I pegang pada prinsip demand and supply...apa2 pump pun, demand and supply...cuma kalau guna Swing, ambil masa skitla since it s a single short words, Swing, PISA and FS lebih kurang je pumping result....

MY NEW Medela FreeStyle breastpump...HEHE



Cute and cinonet je....Really fits my hobo/tote bag...Mummy harap sangat dapat maintain bm until Nabil 2 years...Sian dia

Friday, November 14, 2008

Abah, Mummy, Nabil and Langkawi...

Haritu awal November kami ke Langkawi, 3 days.. Abah ada course situ....Angkutla segala macam mini rice cooker and mini blender since Nabil already started solid food... Ngempeng pun boleh tahan, sumbat botol air masak pun tak berapa nak...Huh, seronoknya dia tengok public sebab all these while, he spent most of his time at home, babysitter's place and balik kampung je


McDonald LCCT


Checked in already....


A little shopping with mummy..


Let's go home daddy....
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