Sunday, December 27, 2009

German Measles

Nabil dapat german measle la pulok..sejak stop terus breastfeed nih, mcm 2 le kena..dulu takat selsema demam bese yg heavy2 manjang..aritu chicken poxla, sakit matale, ni measle pulak..aku risau baby dlm perut ni je...baru g scan,doc pun tak sure nampak 'bird' baby ke nampak tali pusat..kene 3d scan le baru clear..tunggu next month a cukup 6 blan baru scan pulak..apapun gendernya nanti, aku cuma harap dia lengkap sempurna sifatnya dan sihat tubuh badan sudahla...yang penting dia dan Nabil sihat walafiat, amin.Korang pun doadoakan ya..

ps: to ealyie..aku nak baby sehat cam baby mirza gak..and nabil sayang adik dia cam iris gak..

ni some notes about GM :

Rubella (German Measles)

Rubella (German measles) is a mild childhood illness that poses a serious threat to the fetus (unborn baby) if the mother contracts the illness during the first or second trimester of pregnancy.More than 20,000 babies in the United States were born with birth defects during an outbreak of rubella in 1964 to 1965 (1). The same outbreak also resulted in at least 10,000 miscarriages and stillbirths (1).

Fortunately, rubella has been largely eliminated in the United States (2). A vaccine for rubella became available in 1969. Since then, children have been routinely vaccinated, helping to prevent the spread of the illness to susceptible pregnant women. Most women of childbearing age are immune to rubella because they either were vaccinated or had the illness during childhood. Because of widespread use of the vaccine, birth defects caused by rubella have become rare in the United States (only four cases were reported between 2001 and 2004, which resulted from imported infections) (2).

Rubella remains widespread in many countries, however, and travelers continue to bring cases into this country. For this reason, the potential for susceptible pregnant women to become infected does exist. About 10 percent of women of childbearing age in the United States are susceptible to rubella (3). Women can protect their future children from the effects of rubella by getting tested for immunity before pregnancy and getting vaccinated if they are not immune.

What is rubella?
Rubella is a mild, contagious illness caused by a virus. It is characterized by a rash, swollen glands and, especially in adults, joint pain. The rash usually lasts about three days and may be accompanied by a low-grade fever. Up to half of infected individuals have no symptoms at all (1).

What risks does rubella pose for the fetus?
Babies whose mothers contract rubella during pregnancy are often born with one or more birth defects that, together, are called congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). Maternal infection (1, 3):

  • In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy results in birth defects in up to 85 percent of cases

  • From 13 to 16 weeks of gestation results in birth defects in 54 percent of cases

  • At the end of the second trimester results in birth defects in 25 percent of cases

These include eye defects (often resulting in blindness), hearing impairment, abnormalities of the heart, mental retardation, and a few rare disorders. The infection also causes miscarriage and stillbirth.

Some infected babies appear normal at birth and during infancy. However, all babies whose mothers had rubella during pregnancy should be monitored carefully because problems with vision, hearing, learning and behavior may first become noticeable during childhood (1). Children with CRS also are at increased risk for diabetes (1).

How are babies with CRS treated?
There is no specific treatment for CRS. Certain problems that are common in the newborn period (such as blood and liver abnormalities) usually go away without treatment. Other individual birth defects (such as eye or heart defects) sometimes can be corrected or at least improved with early surgery. Babies with hearing or vision loss may benefit from special education programs that provide early stimulation and build communication and learning skills. Children with mental retardation also may benefit from early special education.

How can a woman find out if she is immune to rubella?
A simple blood test can determine whether a person is immune to rubella. The blood test shows whether a person has virus-fighting substances called antibodies in the blood. Rubella antibodies are produced by people who have had the infection or were vaccinated against it.

Can CRS be prevented?
The March of Dimes recommends that:

  • All women be tested for immunity to rubella before they become pregnant

  • They consider being vaccinated if they are not immune

A nonimmune woman can be vaccinated with the rubella vaccine alone or with the combined measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, to protect her future children from CRS.

Women who were not tested before pregnancy are routinely tested during an early prenatal visit. If a pregnant woman is not immune, she should avoid anyone who has rubella. If a susceptible pregnant woman is exposed to rubella, she should contact her health care provider. The provider may treat her with a shot of immune globulin to attempt to reduce her risk of infection, though it is not known how effective this approach may be in preventing rubella in mother or baby (3).

Pregnant women who are not immune should be vaccinated after delivery, so that they will be immune during any future pregnancies (1, 3). A woman who is breastfeeding her baby can safely be vaccinated (3).

The rubella and MMR vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy. A woman should wait 28 days after vaccination before she attempts to conceive (4).

Can being vaccinated against rubella around the time of conception harm the fetus?
Babies of women who are inadvertently vaccinated around the time of conception are unlikely to be harmed by the vaccine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studied 226 women who were vaccinated with the currently used form of the vaccine from three months before to three months after they conceived (4). None of the women's babies had birth defects that resembled the defects that rubella causes. However, the CDC continues to recommend postponing conception for 28 days after vaccination because there is theoretically a very small risk of fetal harm.

Who else should be vaccinated?
All children should be vaccinated against rubella unless there is a medical reason why they should not be. Widespread vaccination of children helps prevent the spread of this illness to others, especially pregnant women.

The first vaccine dose is routinely given at 12 to 15 months of age in combination with the measles and mumps vaccines. A child should not receive the first dose of MMR before 12 months of age. Before 12 months, a baby still has some of his mother's antibodies, which can interfere with the vaccine and keep it from working. A second dose of MMR is given at age 4 to 6 years.

Vaccination of teenagers or adults in colleges, workplaces, hospitals (staff and volunteers) or military bases helps prevent outbreaks in those areas. The CDC recommends that all health care workers who are not immune be vaccinated to protect patients from infection (1). Susceptible women of childbearing age also should consider being vaccinated before traveling abroad, as rubella is widespread in many countries.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Sesungguhnye,aku tak suka rumah aku terlalu padat dengan barang-barang, that would be the best reason why I ll let go things that no longer needed in the house/ even if I ll be needing it in the future, I d rather let it go first just to have some space inside the house, only then i ll buy a new one when it s needed..ngeeeeeeeee(teruk kan)Sebolehnya aku nak dalam rumah tu lapang selapang lapangnye...lainle kalau aku duk banglo, memang spacious habis la kan..Macam perabotla juga, apa yg ada now cuma satu set sofa 3,2,1 seater, a coffee table, set meja makan, sebijik lemari kasut dan kitchen cabinet..takde bunga-bunga hias bagai, takde floor lamp etc yang pada aku cantik habis tapi semakkan umah pun ye gak, takde kapet2 bagai since Nabil pun takle nak habuk2, kapet yang ada pun ngam2 je size coffee table dan depan tv kitorg taruk tikar yg sesangatle selesanya...

Ok back to the minimalism, the issue is, insyaallah i ll be giving birth to my second child next May...we have only one queen bed in master bedroom, and for Nabil, it would be either his babycot(previously) or the 'lembek' and comforters on the floor. As i ll be staying maybe around fortnight kat bangi, i might be needing a single bed as my confinement bed kat tingkat bawah...and am planning to get would be either a divan and headboard set just like what we are having now, or this............(which i think MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper and agak wallah di mata akuler!)

it s available at Ik3a..and they r selling it at a very afordable price compared to a divan and head board set..

dia mcm 2 in 1 la, kalau duk kat tingkat bawah, boleh jd tempat duduk since sedara mara ramai dtg bertandang sesekali, sianla nengok melepek je atas lantai sebab sofa dah penuh, dan kalau naikkan ke tingkat atas, confirm jadik katil...eventho anak aku anak lelaki, takde masalah pun nak pakai nih hehe..ok pe

ps: aku suker nengok org Jepun nye umah yg kosong-kosong tu, memang spacious dan selesa habis...kalo dorg ada gempa bumi pun senang nak lari kuar...kalerpun putih cream cerah-cerah je...takde nak padat2 sgt..well, it s up to oneself, sendirik punye rumah, sendirik punye citarase le kan...

bak kate my mum time dtg bertandang ke rumahku syurgaku..' begema suare Mi becakap, rumah awak kosong sangat........' hehehe

Friday, December 25, 2009


Lepas Asar kitorang jenjalan Alamende...sesambil tengok barang kat dalam Kafu, sambil beli meinan Nabil kat ToiCity: abah beli set truck ngan kete.. gantikan kete sport yang dah rosak hancur dikerjekan Nabil, sesambil dinner kat Nudel Station..makan mee le anak beranak kat situ..abah Nabil bawak Nabil main jap kat playland tepi Paksen tu, huh, sesungguhn ye Nabil over action sunggoh time main kat situ...seme menda nak test..inile akibatnye kalo budak jarang bawak kuar outdoor..asek terperap je kat umah, kat nursery...hehe, so bile sesekali kuor, haruslah dia berkobar main tak ingat dunia...adoile anak...

ps: gambo tak ambik langsung..takde mood nak begambo..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HITAMS kami dah sampai..yeeaaaaaaaa

Si hitam manis Nabil dan si hitam manis mummy dah sampai kat umah..weekend nanti baru upload gambo yeah..hitam manis mummy tak jd juai sebab bila dapat kat tangan, it s absolutely georgeous!!!!

Hehe...sorry pada kak 'Rozi' yang nak book bag tu..

ps: kalo aku ambik lagi satu yang sebijik pattern mcm ni tapi bronze atau mahogany kaler ok tak???hehe

ngam ngam je size tak besar tak kecik...kalo masuk netbook still ada ruang lg dalam nih..

tak sabar tunggu yg kaler pink tu sampai mesia

sibukle abang kecik ni heret blackie dia depan tv..nak suap nasi pun duk atas zapp depan tv takmo duk highchair..


pun hitam legam..hasben kate 'MAMI, CAM TERBAKOR LE'

while mami thinks s not that tempting aaa irl sebab all blackie hehe,kena add some kaler sikit baru nampak CERIA!

tengok upinipin pun lepak atas seat zapp..

ps:tapi kurase,,kalau black frame dengan seat kaler 'ORIENT 2009' nye mesti lagi cun..kan merah itam berlawan kalernye...nggeee

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Menjelang hujung December 09

1)Simpan2 duit dalam bank untuk future use mana yang patut

2)Bayar2 zakat trip ke tiga mana yang patut wajib

3) Buang2 sedekah barang / baju tak pakai

Monday Pertama Setelah Lama Bercuti..

1) Mummy pergi meeting ke sekolah dan dapat tau mummy dapat transfer cuma belum tau ke mana halatuju..sigh..slownye kan

2) Nabil happy2 je mandi dalam tub dengan hot water dari heater while mummy sambil monitor dia mummy senang lenang bersiap2 nak ke meeting dan abah nak ke kije...i like, sebab tak selalunya dia good mood pagi2 begitu

3)Abah kata Nabil meraung tak sudah once sampai nursery...err..sudah syok duk umahkah???(petanda mummy kena jadi SAHM kah??)

4) Buat pertama kali setelah laaaama tidak bekerja cuti panjang, mummy rase terkejar2 nak balik ambik Nabil sesudah meeting, rindu giler kat dia seeehhhh

5)Malam nih mummy dengan abah tido bedua je kat katil yang baru dibeli hikhik while Nabil tenang2 je seorang diri tido atas LEMBEK yang sangat cosy...heheheh sudah independent la dia kan..

ps: buat Nabil dan abah..hidup mummy indah dan bererti dan kekadang gelabah kerana anda berdua!

Monday, December 21, 2009

January Datang Lagi

Yaaaaaaaaa....January 2010 bakal menjelang tibe..mummy kene 'pose' napsu soping bulan nih pasai mummy kena pay yuran UKM new sem ngan standby duit insuren kete ujung Nabil, bulan ni takde jenjalan tak tentu arah eh (nanti duit kuar tak tentu arah gak)..kite duk dendiam kat umah tengok ceria sesame ye hehe

ps: Nabil, takde 'orang' nak sponsor duit insuren kete mummy ke haa???(HINT! HINT!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dinner Apa Ye?

Malam ni dinner KARI AYAM dgn ulam timun ye abang...untuk Nabil mummy buat menu cam selalu...ayam sup bersayur karot rencah basil dan berkentang..i liiike!Air soya perang untuk baby dalam perut..hehe


Alhamdulillah..lagi 2 sem..perjalanan dan 'sengsara' kuteruskan...tq Allah, tq ABANG, tq NABIL mummy...tq mumdad dan semua yang memahami..Letihnya Tuhan saje yg tahu

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Harness cap Bumbleb*ee

Ingat lg tak ritu aku ada citer pasal toddler s harness ??? Yang cap Bumble b*ee kan..dah beli dan dah yang ada kepala SINGA tu dan dah try pakai kat Nabil time berjalan berdua je dgn dia dan tanpa memakai stroller...alhamdulillah, though aku rase cam kejam sikit 'IKAT' anak kat harness tu, rase cam lebih selamat sikit dripada biar dia bejalan tanpa kawalan(maklumle toddler sedang dia memang saaangat lasak nak berlari manjang)...pun begitu, aku tidakla begantung pd harness tu semata, sebab Nabil suka je aku pimpin tangan dia cuma sesekali time dia cam berkobar nampak playzone dgn meinan yg byk2 kat dlm Paksen, maka bekobarla juga dia lepas pimpin tgan aku dan berkejar ke tempat tu...aku lega dia cam belapang dada dan redha juga aku pakaikan dia harness lenkali boleh a mummy jalan berdua lagi dgn Nabil kan...tapi takle lama sgt outdoor dgn harness sebab dia suka NAP sejam dua..sekejap2 dekat2 boleh aaaa...

[caption id="attachment_2577" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="lepas tukor pampes dlm baby room"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2578" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Nabil carries kepala singa kat belakang hehe"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2579" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="driving..while mummy simpul tali harness kat kepala singa"][/caption]

basically secara pukul rata okla nak guna harness kalau aku bejalan bdua je dgn dia dan tanpa pakai stroller...cuma takle lama sgt, sebab dia masih lagi my baby yang suka nap time outing...


Monday, December 14, 2009

Pics Terbaru Nabil

Sejak duk umah dgn mummy time cuti ni, betambah bulat dia..Maybe jugak sebab cukup timing tido, makan minum dan dah takde muntah2 susu muntah2 makan sebab dah baik dari sakit aritu...

[caption id="attachment_2519" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="His all time fav cartoon series upinipin"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2520" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Buat muka manje-mengade sebab nak suruh mummy basuk cd, baru lepas YAK..."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2521" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Tengok sun-set ngan mummy kat porch umah(time ni abah dia outstation)"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2522" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Alamak...perit aa mata Nabil mummy"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Sibuk nak kacau mummy tengah ngadap pc belek henbeg"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2524" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Dah penat..tidur la pulak"][/caption]

Nabil kat KPJ - an outdated post

asyik nak main je mcm tengah sihat

still nak main car mcm selalu

(sedih aku tengok dia masa ni)

nurse datang every 3 - 4 hours untuk nebu, ubats, bla bla bla

at 21 months dah masuk sepital dan mcm2 ubat dah masuk badan..sedih

turun lift nak gi ground floor ambil angin petang sambil tea time kat cafe..

his fav toy car- his dad s preloved

mummy sedih sgt tengok awak tolak2 kete ni dgn tangan berbalut..babies..apa la yg dia tahu, main je la

alhamdulillah, dah sihat..balik kampung mummy jumpa atuk-nenek

duk lepak atas motor atuk

on the way balik bangi dah..rehat - makan kat genting sempah

mummy loves u so much dear, dan mummy doakan awak sihat sentiasa, happy selalu, dan diberkati Allah.Amin.

ps: doc kate Nabil dapat virus dalam darah tu most probably sebab jangkitan dari orang.kalau setakat develop sendiri flu dan batuk, normally after 2,3 times medication intake dah ok..tapi seingat akula, dia selalu batuk selsema berkahak sejak umur setahun..just imagine berapa lama dia menanggung menda tu dalam badan, penat ke klinik ambik ubat tapi tak baik2..alhamdulillah..harap-harap kali ni dia sembuh sepenuhnya, insyaallah...thank you Allah.

Petang Ni Buat Apa?

Nabil tembam dah tido..kenyang makan 2 round nasi goreng belacan mummy masak ngan sup sayur ..then susu sebotol pulak.. abah dah balik semula ke opis lepas makan lunch it s mummy s turn lak nak 'mengulor' depan tv dan pc..jap lagi!

She s Here..

Alaaa...gelfren baru Nabil dah sampai tapi retailer tak bukak kedai week la aku taruk gambo original Nabil on LIMITED ED BLACK O BLACK ZAPP tengok gambo contoh je..hehe

ps: nanti ada budget mintak retailer bring in kaler 2009 nye..orient saje la kot..frame takyah..

Merah Putih Aku Suka

Kabinet dapuir merah putih ni aku suka...sebiji mcm kat umah tapi design kat umah aku basic simple je la U - SHAPE typed atas bawah...kalau dapat adjust penuhkan mcm ni bestnye..tapi ongkos belum cukup....ntah bila dapat ntahla...cuma aku kurang bekenan tang tanam dapur / oven dalam kabinet sebab renyah nak tolak kuar masuk...

ni ihsan credit dari SENIHIAS.COM..lawa dorang buat...mesti mahal tp menda cantik sahle mahal selalunya kan...

[caption id="attachment_2488" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="dianye table top solid surface...mahal oo..aku guna granite je tp senang tak mudah nampak kotor"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2489" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ruang letak oven/mwave /refrige yg praktikal tapi aku tak baper suka..tapi ni lawa juga,kemas je nampak"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2490" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sama gak tapi ni rumah lain..built in system jugak..kemas...erm..geram je nak adjust tang refrigerator kat umah tapi mana nak taruk dia pastu..takde ruang dah"][/caption]

lawa kan???so sesapa nak renovate dapo ke, nak masuk umah ke, nak pasang KC ke, silala tengok sendiri sample kat blog dia ni...aku promote sebab lawa tau..bukan sebb dapat komisen...hehe

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Penkek Kismis ke Kismis Saje

Tadi petang minum aku buat standard aaaa kan selain tapau pisang goreng hehe...versi Nabil nye, aku tambah terus madu dengan tabur kismis dlm penkek tu...senangle nak makan kunun takyah renyah cicah madu coklat bagai..dia lak baru lepas minum 3 aun susu, tapi nak juga makan penkek tu...tengok2, dia duk kutip tang yang ada kismis tu je...belen dia tolak tepi..tapi memang habisla biji2 kismis yg aku tabur dalam kepingan penkek tu dia kutip..mcm ni mummy kasik makan kismis sajela untuk minum petang, boleh???.adoile..anak...anak...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dedication to My Nabil

Saje post pasai UPIN IPIN since anak bujang aku yg satu tu suka sangatle episodes ni..semua cd dah dibeli untuk dia termasukla GENG tu...

mana nak beli cd cd ni???

sila klik :

ps: kalau kat CERIA astr*o...dia suka cartoon beruang kutub KOREA, Loopdidoo, patung spring yang manjang muka senyum tu, LAT Kampung Boy tu..petang 2 memang berebutla dgn mummy nak tengok THE NANNY hehe


Hehe..saje je gempak tajuk ni...nak promote MALAYSIA PERODUA car( aku die hard fan perodua tau sebab MINYAK JIMAT!!!!!Harga pun affordable) Haritu balik Kuantan saje le test drive ALZA kaler putih kedai punya kereta sample...husband yang test, dia kata agak berat tapi sedap bawak la, namapun MPV kan, sahla lagi berat dari kereta biasa...harga pun reasonable, around RM68-RM72 K untuk auto gear...Apa???Nak beli? OO...setahun dua ni kami takde masuk plan nak tukar kereta..langkah ekonomi ni nak kasi lepas anak2 nye needs dulu...rumah pun byk barang takde lagi, kitchen kabinet selagi tak penuh sampai siling mummy tak puas hati(HIN1)!HINT!hehe)porch, dapur tak extend lagi, balcony kat bilik tak indah lagi...banyaknye kehendak dan impian.

Eventho aku saaangatle suka nak rase pakai honda ke, mitsubishi ke...nantila tunggu aku doctorate dulu ke, pendapatan isi rumah lebih 15 K dulu ke...takpun nak save lagi, opt for MALAYSIA CAR sajork..hehe(kodokot pahit!)


serious macam MYVI tapi panjang je

bolehla kalau 2/3 anak...tapi tempat barang kecik jugak

betulkan mcm MYVI jugak??gear je lain sikit

Lunch Harini

1 Nasi putih

2. A must have menu for si kecik kalau tak nasi goreng, tumis ayam sawi,SUP ler...ape lagi...Harini SUP AYAM SAYUR SAWI DAN DAUN BAWANG hehe merangkap sayur untuk abahnye, suap dia makan dengan spaghetti..suka sangatle

3. Sambal Udang Kering pedas giler

4. Spaghetti mee dengan Sos Ayam Tumis dengan PERGO since tekak mummy tak masyuk nasi aa tengahari ni

ps: gambo akan update kemudian..errr..dinner kita kat luar boleh abah??????

Friday, December 11, 2009

Apa Untuk Lunch?

Today buat sup isi ketam dengan pakchoi vege. yang sangat segar..sluurrp hirup kuah dgn ratah isi ketam dua orang manja aku kat umah ni...and for me, aku wat ayam masak kicap jerr.....seleraaaa...

ps: gambo tak ambik...belum pape dah ada orang godek kuah sup dgn isi ketam..habis garnishing dia..huhu


Just nak coret kat sini..mummy sayang u both Nabil and much!


Syok bace blog org yg join ML mcm Haio ke..apa ke..memang kena hard work jugala..mcm aku ni, confidence nak convince orang beli barang ntah ada tidak..tak penah try..(eventho) aku bejaya mengletgo a few preloved items dengan harga yang ok gak a) still tang MLM ni aku tak berapa berani nak try..tapi who knows, maybe satu hari nanti bila aku dah give ngan kije makan gaji nih...aku join MLM lak ke...sebab tengok ada juga member yg berjaya giler..dan ada juga yg tak berapa menjadi..husband ada juga kate, nak cepat untung is doing bisnes..especially bisnes yg kita minat sgt, memang automatically jadi sangat gigih nak usahakan..cuma waktu sekarang belum mengizinkan, aku masih punya 2 sem nak settle belajar, ntah sambung lg pulak ke next peringkat, dgn nak bela ank kecik lagi...jaga hal umahtangga lagi...tapi insyaallah, ada simpan angan dlm hati, satu hari nanti aku bisnes juga.mulakan dari bawah pun takpe..sikit2 lama lama jadi bukit...amin

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Budak tembam ni today cam cranky sket..Ada kawan datang bertandang lepak lunch juga, so maybe dia rasa mcm mummy kureng attention kat dia rini..sooo...sikit2 nak nanges, skit2 nak peluk..ngada betul..hehe

Coach n Coach 3 : My Swingpack

It s making its way now!!!! It s in delicious melon, intend for my groceries-shopping outing..sonang takyah kedek2 punggah barang lagi, sibuk nak punggah beg tangan lagi..renyah!Ingat nak ambik kaler grey atau lite brown..memang lawa tapi why not tukar sekali sekala(aku akan pakai ni sepanjang taun 2010 le kt, then baru tukar) kaler yang ranggi sikit....kasi can aaa aku dah mula masuk umur 30 an ni..uih,rase dah tuo

[caption id="attachment_2395" align="aligncenter" width="284" caption="it has 45" adjustable strap and 9 1/4" (L) x 9 1/4" (H)"][/caption]

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