Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gambar Jaman Tori (yang selalu di hati)

Nak tau Jaman Tori apa yek?

Mecca 2012

Wuz here ...


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Maid Needed

As a no-longer-studying-but-now – fulltime- working-mother, and is raising two under 5 extremely active toddlers, I could feel like sometimes that 24 hours God gave us is not enough.. working day and night, trying to juggle my teaching demands, my small family obligations(but still they r my obligations), and keeping the house clean.. towards some extent, somehow sometime I could feel over-burdened and get cranky with..People..(defining people, they are my surround friends) suggesting me to get a maid..the live-in maid. And I always resort myself by giving them my standard answer that Oooo I can't afford a maid or a housekeeper..Well I have reasons for not having a maid..
The biggest concern would be the safety of my kids though its true enough that I have several friends that are working and leaving their babies,kids with maids while they are out working and they seem ok. But being me, I always being worry of my kids- their safety, especially when having the idea of leaving my kids alone at home with a totally stranger as most maids are those from outside Malaysia. Yes I know that I am not a superhuman and I know that I can’t handle everything on my own, and a clean house is essential to a comfortable life but I would rather face a sink full of unfinished dishes/ untidied bed/ undone laundry/ ‘a kapal karam nak pecah’ living room with my kids’ toys THAN having in mind a constantly suspicious feelings having a stranger in my house handling my kids and they are ALONE!
As for now, Alhamdulillah having a GOOD and BESTEST husband who always tries to understand my situation, always tries to give a helping hand scrubbing the toilets’ floor, dusting the house, handling the laundry when he has the chances to do so, help to keep an eye on the kids when I am needed in school during weekends, I still don’t think that having a maid is the kind of luxury that I would dream off…at least for now la…;)

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