Monday, November 17, 2008

Review on Swing, PISA and FreeStyle (FS)


- Of course FS menang in terms of mobility....sumbat aje masuk hobo or tote, memang fit. Swing pun ok, cute and ringan...Anyway, Swing ku dah kujual pada Qay.....thanks Qay!!


- I love PISA ....I vote for PISA in terms of suction...power sangat... rasa cam puas and kosong betul b***** lepas pump....takdela nak kena top up guna harmony lagi. FS and Swing suction memang comparable, except that Swing is a single pump while FS provides enability of double pumping and jimatkan masa....both Swing and FS have reallt soft suction, while PISA...macam motor dia juga la, POWER!!

Pumping result....

- I pegang pada prinsip demand and supply...apa2 pump pun, demand and supply...cuma kalau guna Swing, ambil masa skitla since it s a single short words, Swing, PISA and FS lebih kurang je pumping result....

MY NEW Medela FreeStyle breastpump...HEHE



Cute and cinonet je....Really fits my hobo/tote bag...Mummy harap sangat dapat maintain bm until Nabil 2 years...Sian dia


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