Sunday, November 15, 2009

Newborn Checklist (Again)

I had this when I was pregnant with Nabil,that was back in late 2007..and to my huge surprise, i m doing it AGAIN in end 2009 hehe


  • Crib bedding Sets- CHECKED

  • Crib sheets or-CHECKED

  • Bassinet sheets-CHECKED

  • Receiving blankets-CHECKED

  • Baby blankets-CHECKED

  • Mattresses-GET NEW ONE MAYBE

  • Mattress pads-NO NEED

  • Baby Pillows-CHECKED

  • Baby Cot - BUY NEW


  • Pyjamas

  • Socks and booties

  • T-shirts

  • Mittens

  • Bonnet

  • Cap

  • Nappies - both CD and DD (must add up stock pile)

  • Baruts- dah ada dan dah order a few lagi wat tambah..

* lain I m going to recycle Nabil s outfits hehe


  • Breast pump - got them

  • Breast milk storage containers - maybe opt to liners, cheaper

  • Bottle brush-ade

  • Bottle rack-ade,tapi kena beli tambah kot

  • Nipple Cream - belum(apa brand ok eh?dulu time Nabil aku guna own breastmilk je)

  • Nursing pillow - am thinking o one whether it s needed-MY BESTFRIEND la kot

  • Nursing bras - add up a few maybe

  • Bottle Sterilizer - ready

  • Bottle warmer- ready


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irmaputri cupcake said...

hi...share with u..
my newborn checklist (shoppin brg baby)

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