Thursday, November 19, 2009

Addition into CD Pile

Mummy s glad that 6 new CDs have arrived yesterday..Now they re already in the machine for 3 times washing..

Might be ordering a few more for the newborn...t@iny t@apir has great contour diapers and delicious patterned n coloured pocket ranges at affordable price

(tq so much daddy for supporting me saving the babies butt from DD n tq for the routine laundry chores)


azrea said...

salam. babe! i have like 6 CDs never used. tapi dah washed tapi adam tak pakai sbb penah try skali on 1 CD and bum dia tak tahan. huhu... i nak let go for RM200. interested abg tau eh? i email gambar.

adinsa said...

dear azrea, babe, brand ape ni???onesize ke?what bout inserts?

azrea said...

ya! skali dgn insert. ada 12 insert. ada lunatots, KS, Coolababy, tiny tapi, freshbot. hehe

adinsa said...

tiny tapirnye tu brand apa?tiny tapir byk brand gak dia jual kan?email me at asnida_zuliana@yahoo...hei, i saw ur adam..heheheh gebu nye kulit!!!!!!

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