Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prepping myself for almost everything

Another 2 weeks.School holiday ending soon. 14 more days holidaying myself relaxing both mentally and physically and the kids having me all for themselves 24hours round the clock. Literally me, the kids and Ahmad had been enjoying ourselves for the past 1 and half months,precisely me, literally temporarily left all e school - thingies things behind.Oh how I really wish tht e school holiday could stay long.I ll be missing the thought of not having to wake up as early as 5 every single weekdays morning, and having e kids all around me doing activities together ,with Nabil calling me every single minutes just to show what he s doing and how impressive he is playing angry bird games on his tablet..and Iyad, with his heart-melting smile tagging himself around my hands,my lap.. ps; How about e idea of having another maternity leave??maybe?:)


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