Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Supplementing Nabil

For the past two months, I have been giving my child a small portion of Alpha Lipid using the original scoop given in the tin. Started with one intake during early morning feeding with his formula and another intake during late night during 10 pm – 12 am when he is about to sleep. Both are in exactly same amount. As a far as I remember, it took less than 3 weeks for that milk colostrums to show its effect to my child. Ever since he reached one year old, Nabil has regularly running nose, not forgotten accompanied with heavy cough in the midnight, and keep-changing-lots-of-bed-sheets episodes. I started blaming myself for not fully breastfed during his early 6 months of age and it could be due to lacking of vitamins specially in his daily meals (I prepared all his meals when he was with babysitter).

I think Alpha Lipid does contribute in improving health condition. In between 7 days of intake, a lot of green discharge came out of his nose. He also developed a lot of taik mata. That worried me a bit in the first place but after 14 days that green discharge turned colorless and slowly disappeared. Up until now, there will be sometimes, Nabil has feverish temperature. But his flu and cough hardly develops. It seems like that small amount of Alpha Lipid helps me to maintain his health and he is now more active and plays non stop.


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