Thursday, May 14, 2009

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This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS … just type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it and be yourself ye!!!!

1. Beer: haram
2. Food: kedai..hehe
3. Relationships: azam
4. Crush: Baper kali eh???
5. Power Rangers: TV 2
7. The President: pelakon negro tu apa ntah nama dia...
8. Yummy: kuah kacang nasi himpit
9. Car: cemerdes.....
10. Movie: confessions of a shopaholic..bila nak ada dvd nih!
11. Halloween: maikel
12. Sex:kena nikah dulu ek
13. Religion: Islam
14. Hate: takde duit...huhu
15. Fear: abah sayang mummy lagi dak?????kalo bole tiap minit nak tanya...kalo bolela..
16. Marriage: june 05
17. Blondes: legalle blonde movie
18. Slippers: yang juai kat booth dalam alamanda...
19. Shoes: black colour
20. Asians: Jepang
21. Pass time: blogging
22. One night stand : Pretty Woman
23. My cell Phone: harusku belek tiap pagi pasal nenek rajin sms malam2 buta
24. Smoke: yuck,busuk wei
25. Fantasy: Shopping rm1 juta just for strollers and CD...hehehe
26. College: patot g je uk dulu..rugi tak pi
27. High school Life: err...sekola menengah ke matric ke, uni life????confuse
28. Pajamas: cotton pants with tee
29. Stars: starwars
30. Center: Attraction
31. Alcohol: bo*d* sh*op
32. The word love: refers to my two AHMADS...
33. Friends: COME AND GO
34. Money: hoping for more n more n more
35. Heartache: bills..bills..bills
36. Time: school holidays
37. Divorce: kalau dah takdir...ish, nauzubillah
38. Dogs: hot dog
39. Undies: memories
40. Parents: jauh..huhu
41. Babies: i want 3 babies je kot
42. Ex:err..he s living around here lah!and used to bump into each other!and his uni-housemate is now my collegue kat wokplace!!!dammit!
43. Song: pok amai2 belalang kupu2 (nabils fav song )
44. Color: silver metallic
45. Weddings: best gile
46. Pizza: toppings..cheese
47. Hangout: bangi, putrajaya, equine
48. Rest: tido lena
49. Goal: gol dan gincu the movie
50. Inspiration: takde je



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