Friday, October 31, 2008

Cloth Diaper???

Hmm...mummy now dah start meng'cloth diapering' nabil....nightime and weekend as well...currently using Coolababy One size Diaper (got it from Neeza) at a very economic price and extremely affordable too...So far Nabil's doing so well in his cd's, and as he's quite a heavy wetter, inserts mesti double lah, combination of both coolababy's insert and freshbot's one...and he's to be changed at every 3 hours, oklah kan....penah sekali je leak sebab mummy lupa nak check...Since he's doing well setakat ni, I'm considering of trying all-in-one CDs, fitted, all-in-two ke yang branded wallah-wallah pulak from US tu...buat tambah collection, hehe. So mummies out there, for me, only after trying is for me to believe...tak cuba tak tahu kan...

Types of Cloth Diaper


Cloth diapers have come a long way from the diapers your grandmother used. Today, you can find diapers that work the same way that you would use a disposable diaper at a fraction of the overall cost of disposables. You can still find the traditional cloth diapers that require folding, pins, and a cover but there are several alternatives available to fit your schedule and budget.

Prefolds and covers are the cheapest option, but it does have a bit more of a learning curve and is slightly more time consuming. Prefolds are basic cloth diapers that have been designed to easily fold into thirds to create a thick, rectangular shape. A waterproof diaper cover is worn over the top to prevent leaks and hold the diaper in place.

Pocket diapers are exactly what they sound like. They are diapers that work very similar to disposable diapers. They generally use Velcro or snaps to close and are easy for grandparents or daycare providers to use (although in many states, daycare providers are not allowed to use cloth diapers). Inside the diaper is a cloth pocket that allows you to customize the diaper to your baby’s needs by providing light padding for younger babies and extra padding for older baby’s or night time use.

All-in-One diapers are designed to work exactly the way disposable diapers do. The cover and insert is combined to simplify the process and there are no extra steps required before diapering your baby. All-in-one diapers are the most expensive option and they take the longest amount of time to dry.

Many diapers offer one size fits all options that let you adjust the diaper to your baby’s size. This prevents having to buy several sets of diapers as your baby grows and can save you quite a bit of money.







afida said... in u wanted to let go of (n already have!) yr swing to make way for freestyle.

So nak tanya u dah beli ke freestyle? Am thinking of doing the same, nak let go swing nak beli freestyle :)

Kalau dah beli buleh kongsi cemana pakai freestyle as compared to la i kalau free keh,

tq! :)

adinsa said...

salam fida...tomorrow insyaallah i bg review bout fs....hehe.baru terima berita fs i kat post office bdr baru bgi...

adinsa said...

salam fida...tomorrow insyaallah i bg review bout fs....hehe.baru terima berita fs i kat post office bdr baru bgi...

luna said...

salam mommy nabil,
kalau nak cuba lunatots cloth diaper, jenguk ke blog mommy iki ye :)

adinsa said...

salam mommy iki..lunatot diaper ni sama mcm coolababy ke or it s a different one???

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